How much are missed calls costing your business?

Despite advances in technology, businesses still receive up to 80% of their incoming communications via the telephone

On average, SME employees spend


Per week dealing with complaints because they can't reach employees in a timely manner

7 OUT OF 10

consumers have ended their relationship with a company due to poor customer service


of these consumers take their business to a competitor instead

98% of people (nearly all of us)

say poor phone skills leave a bad impression!

On average, consumers tell

15 people

about good customer service experiences

24 people

about bad experiences

A recent YouGov survey shows a WHOPPING

83 %

of people said they did not trust overseas call centres to keep personal data safe

24 people

about bad experiences


of missed calls will not call back


of people will not leave a voicemail and will hang up when confronted with an automated system

4 out of 5

people say they have lost their patience and hung up when faced with a long call centre queue

SME's with 100 employees could be leaking


annually as a result of communication barriers and latency

Businesses who use telephone answering services

have claimed as much as a

50% productivity increase

UK Businesses are

Losing £31.6 billion

each year because they fail to answer calls

companies using virtual assistants

Save up to £12,000 a year

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