SwitchboardFREE Videos

Our system has many useful features that will definitely benefit your business and make your life easier. Below you will find videos explaining some of our features step by step.

Open & Close Times

See how easy is to tell your callers that your lines are closed

Missed Calls Alerts

Receive email notifications about any missed calls made to your SwitchboardFREE number

Voicemail Alerts

Give callers the option to leave a voicemail. Get emails containing voicemail recordings

Queueing Calls

Limited lines into your office? We will queue your incoming calls and put them through to you as soon as a line becomes free.

Redirect your calls

See how to redirect calls made to your Switchboard number to up to 5 different UK mobile or landline numbers..

Call Stats

Learn how to see real-time information from all of your SwitchboardFREE calls and how you can use call reports to make better informed decisions to grow your business.

Multiple Departments

Set up between 1 and 9 virtual departments to ensure callers are routed to the most appropriate person or department.

Google Analytics integration

See how easy is to track calls to your SwitchboardFREE number with Google Analytics

UK City Numbers

See how to target local markets and get a big business presence with virtual UK City phone numbers, such as 020 London, 0161 Manchester etc.

SwitchboardFREE Number Types

Find the ideal telephone number for your business. Choose from our great value 084 numbers, a local city number, 0800 or new 03 numbers.

Call Tracking

See out how you can track calls made to your SwitchboardFREE numbers from various advertising sources.

Custom Prompts recording

Use our in-house team to record your prompts.

SwitchboardFREE in 60 seconds

Find out what SwitchboardFREE is in under 60 seconds.

Meet Simon & Sam

See how what are the cons of not using SwitchboardFREE.