Telephone answering service from SwitchboardFREE

Let real people answer your phone

Benefit from our agents’ multifunctionality, free up your time, reduce spending on full-time reception staff, and stop missing calls.

  • Cover your reception
  • Take messages from your customers
  • Be your overflow during busy periods
  • Take orders from your customers
  • Provide customer service
  • Deliver fantastic PA services

How it works

When a call comes in, your personal receptionist will answer it with your preferred greeting and in accordance with your instructions.
You will then receive a notification of the call containing the following information:

contact icon

Callers details

Callers name, contact number
and email address

call details icon

Call details

What’s the message about;
type of call (eg. sales, support etc.)

call importance icon


If the call was a priority and
the caller’s mood.

Why should you use our telephone answering service?

You can rely on our receptionists to represent your business as if they are fully-integrated members of your team.

Much more than answering calls

Your receptionists can do more than simple message taking. If you want, they can take orders and payments from your clients, answer questions about your business, and be your wholesome virtual PA.

Real time notification about calls answered on your behalf

Get notified via SMS, email or via. the Pocket Receptionist smartphone app. You can even get your calls live transferred to you, if you are available to take them.

Get started today

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