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Using the Switchboard numbers has made our day to day telephone operation a joy. Now in our new premises we run a number of businesses from the same office so identifying the caller is a great help. The system is very reliable and competitive. We would not hesitate to recommend the Switchboard Service to any business.


Managing Director
Autobulbs Direct Ltd

Since using the Switchboard service and implementing different numbers for our different services throughout skiddle.com we have almost tripled our productivity. After introducing telephone ticket orders it was vital for us to have a system in place that worked both in and out of office hours. Switchboard more than delivers on every level, which has led to us using the service for all our inbound calls.



We have used the Switchboard system for over a year now and its use has enabled us to never miss an inbound call. Subsequently our business has grown as a result of using this product. We can not believe such a powerful product is available free.


Hagger Electronics Uk Ltd

The Switchboard Service is really beneficial to my business on a daily basis, the software is user friendly and updates instantly to any changes. I have been on the Switchboard Service for approximately six months and I can't imagine not using it.


Fusion Enterprise UK

I own a small design and print business and having the Switchboard service has really made a huge impact on me and my customers. Being able to use the telephone numbers for both mine and my customers' advertising campaigns has given me the power to track which adverts are working, where and this has been invaluable! Needless to say my customers are thrilled as it means they can target the areas that are working and ditch the ones that aren't saving them time and money and helping them plan for future promotions. I would not be without Switchboard now, I can't believe it's free!



The Switchboard service has been an essential part of our growth, without it we had no way of knowing how many sales calls we were missing or which adverts generated an inbound sales call. We still can't believe this great service is free for us to use! We would recommend the Switchboard service to any business looking to grow.


Beautiful Beings

I have been delighted with the Switchboard Service. As a charity we were looking for a cost-effective way to handle our incoming calls and direct them to our volunteers. I spent a considerable amount of time looking at the various options before stumbling across the Switchboard Service and couldn't believe the range of features and flexibility that we could get at absolutely no cost to ourselves. The simple control panel means that I can easily set opening times, arrange call diversion and record custom announcements for all our lines in one place. The live on-line statistics are very useful and when I needed to add extra lines the customer service was friendly and fast. I would thoroughly recommend the Switchboard Service to anyone in a similar situation.


Cats Protection

Our large plumbing and heating business has really benefitted from having the Switchboard. It has made a huge impact on call volumes and customer service quality. The switchboard enables me to track which advertisements are working and which ones are not, where this has not been possible with my telephone system alone. Our customers are very happy with the changes to the telephone system. The switchboard has now become "part of the team" and we will continue to use it.


Administration Manager
GAC Plumbing & Heating

We use switchboard free for two tasks, and it has greatly increased our effectiveness

1. To handle job seekers leaving voice messages, this means that we do not have to have someone manning the phones 24/7
2. We use switchboard free as a call log system to record employees attendance, they simply make a call an leave a voice message on arrival and departure from the site that they are working on, this voice mail is forwarded to an email address which logs the date and time of the call.

We love the fact that it is free!!


CSS Medway LTD

We have been using SwitchboardFREE for some time now and I do not know how we would have worked without this system. It's so great for our business as we can be in the office or still be working out and about, 100% would recommend your business to others.


Jeff Reed

As a director of a busy company I have always found SwitchboardFREE’s services to be invaluable. I would be happy to recommend Switchboard and its services.


Lexel Software Limited

Great service thanks, really well thought through. We're a small business with some of our team still in day jobs, so it really helps to be able to field calls between us on a rota. I really like the way we can pick up a missed call and phone someone back straight away from their caller ID, but it also gives us a chance to look up & screen sales calls we don't need to return!


Mainline Show Productions

As a small company we were apprehensive about using SwitchboardFREE at first, simply because it was free! We have now used the product for just under a year and we never miss our customers calls. SwitchboardFREE allowed us to carry out work at our premises and on customers sites without missing a call. It’s so easy to set up and at only 10p a minute to divert calls to a mobile, we have saved so much money. I would recommend this amazing product to anyone in business. It really does work and it really is free!


Lowestoft Auto Electrical.

We would have missed at least two really important calls without this service - and for a small firm like ourselves that could have been devastating... The fact that it's free makes it even more valuable!



I like the fact that it helps me manage my office remotely.


Property Radar Ltd

Since I discovered this service, I have never missed a call from my customers again, the tools offered are great, I was even able to record my voice. I love it, easy, cheap and professional.


Marco Abis

Fantastic service thank you



As a small start-up I love the fact that your service is free, the telephone number looks professional and people think I mean business!



Thank you for the updates. We have only just launched our business and don't have much feedback to give you as yet. However, the technology does seem very efficient and on the occasions calls have been received your email backup has come through without delay.



DroidinaBox sell low cost Mini PC Media streamers on line and by adding Switchboard free 0843 numbers we have been able to increase sales and promote a more professional corporate image to our customer base. The support & service offered by Hannah and her team is 2nd to none & comes highly recommended


Having used 08xx numbers for many years and the tried the network various features I have been extremely impressed in the way SwitchboardFREE put them all together. The online interface is vey very easy to use and it really means we never miss a call. While other companies can offer the same network features, switchboardfree have put them all together in one easy interface. And the best is it is free.


Great service thanks, really well thought through. We're a small business with some of our team still in day jobs, so it really helps to be able to field calls between us on a rota. I really like the way we can pick up a missed call and phone someone back straight away from their caller ID, but it also gives us a chance to look up & screen sales calls we don't need to return!



I'd just like to say that I think the service is amazing... considering it's free, the image portrayed to our customers and the services available to us are top class. Why anyone would go elsewhere is beyond me. Keep up the good work!


Greenframe Construction Ltd

I rarely give out recommendations, but SwitchboardFREE is one of those rare exceptions. They’re cost effective, easy to use and above all, reliable! This is one site that I’ll continue to promote amongst my clients and colleagues. Keep up the great work!



SwitchboardFREE enables me to give the impression of being more than a sole trader. Now I have a permanent 0844 number that has stayed the same when I changed my landline number - no need to have more printing done or inform clients. All costs need to be scrutinised in the present financial climate. This free service is fantastic. The cost to customers is minimal, compared with what some other numbers cost.



Your service has totally transformed my business and given our customers a far more professional first impression.


Carbon Vehicle Solutions

As a small design and print business being on the move and yet still being able to keep in contact with customers and the progress of jobs in production is vital to keeping business moving. In addition, ensuring that any enquiries that do come in are handled in a professional and swift manner are also key to winning new business. SwitchboardFREE has been absolutely key in portraying this image to ALL clients and suppliers alike. I can't thank you enough for this service. Being on the move always has draw backs, this service reduces at least one of those concerns. Thank you for all your hard work.



We think what you offer us for free cannot be rivalled - gives a really good image to us and our callers often just want to stay on hold because they love the music!



Switchboard has really helped my company never to miss a call, offering a more professional telephone image to our callers.


Sammy Ventures

I have been using SwitchboardFREE for a while now and have found the staff very helpful when ever I have had an enquiry



Using SwitchboardFREE, we at News International are able give our customers live data on the telephone response generated from their media campaigns. Using some of the additional services of the system, we are able to track response back to individual campaigns and deliver an end-to-end direct response service.

The system is easy to use and displays everything in jargon free plain English - something we very much appreciate. SwitchboardFREE is easy & fast for my team to use and gives us reliable control and call metrics.


NI Sales Innovation

We have used your services for some time now across a number of businesses. We have always found your solutions to be professional, flexible and very cost effective. The reports available to us online are impressive and allow us to track all kinds of important data. I have only had occasion to contact customer services once, and the resolution to my issue was immediate. Ten out of ten all round from me!


As a small business we found that we needed a solution to the problem of answering the phone, wherever we were. Especially because we couldn't be in the office all the time. In 2008 we found SwitchboardFREE which not only allowed us to overlay our 0844 number onto any other landline but also gave us a powerful interface with our customers. The out-of-hours message, call queuing system and the missed call notifications helped us look a lot more professional to the outside world. Additionally the fax to email service is very useful to have for those customers (although maybe few) still insist on sending us orders via their fax machine.


We have found that the ease of use of the SwitchboardFREE system is extremely user friendly and not too complicated unlike some other systems, one feature we really like is the option to choose the hold music and the selection is fantastic especially at xmas. The benefit of having a SwitchboardFREE account to us has been we are able not to worry about missing that important client call with the handy missed calls email which contains the caller’s number and this way we can filter out unwanted calls. We have found the customer service response to tweets to be brilliant. We at Night Owl Security Limited would not like to be without SwitchboardFREE. The ease, of which we can close phone lines and divert, set and manage whispers to be one if not the best out there. We really were not sure a package like this was actually FREE!! Just when you are looking to save some money this is the next best thing to having a fully operational PABX system, the additional services are extremely reasonably priced and the pricing structure defiantly does not affect the quality. Ideal product for any start-up & SME to have!


SwitchboardFREE makes my life so much easier, especially when you are running a number of channels inside your business - the numbers and the switchboard are very versatile and whats more the panel is fast and easy to use, there are plenty of preset options with each number also, very user friendly and the support is excellent


TES is a small company with 10 staff. Being a SME we don’t have the funds to employ a full time receptionist or utilise a call centre which is why we switched to SwitchboardFREE. The service and price are excellent and I would have no objection to recommending them to any other SME throughout the country. Clive Paul, TES Ltd


5* for Customer service, great choice of music, truely amazing range of features, all of which are fundamental and crucial for my business


exe Trainers

We have been using this service for about 4/5 years. It is simply great for our needs. Thank you.


Managing Director

I have been a customer for a long time now and can honestly say that I am really happy with the service we receive from SwitchboardFREE. Not only does the system give us a more professional look but our customers are also pleased with the way in which their calls are handled as there is always someone at the end of the phone and being able to reach the appropriate department quickly and easily saves them time and means that they reach the person they need to speak immediately.


Our company, Care Home Reclaims Ltd, uses 0800 009 6789 to provide a free number for clients to call and we know the extra business this drew to us. The facility of being able to overlay the number on any landline or mobile number is invaluable to a small business as it enables you to receive calls wherever you are or for someone - we now have a switchboard operator handling calls - to answer it for you in meetings, holidays etc. We have also used the voice messaging facility and the day office open times for managing calls are most helpful. We have had a great service from SwitchboardFREE and would recommend them to anyone.


I came across SwitchboardFREE when I was looking for an 0845 number to use for my business. Being a previous customer of another supplier I found the system that SwitchboardFREE to be far superior, user friendly and more innovative.

SwitchboardFREE has given more flexibility on how I operate my business. Not only are voicemails forwarded to my email but missed calls too which I find invaluable.

When I have called for help or advice they have been professional, friendly and I feel like they really value and care about their business and their users.

I would not hesitate for anyone to use SwitchboardFREE services as I would say they are one of the best in this industry.



I have been using SwitchboardFREE for the past two years with my current business; I have also used your services prior to this with several other business ventures and campaigns. The flexibility with your services has allowed me over the years to manage my call structure very effectively. My job role means I am in and out of the office and office time is difficult for me to schedule. The flexibility of the service allows me to direct the call either to my landline, mobile or my receptionists at head office. Also, as I have only been trading with Concept Enquiries Ltd for the past 12 months, it was a great way to allow my calls to be managed during the start-up process. The system ensures that a call is never missed, details of the caller are logged and personable settings allow the system to be tailored to suit my industry and clientele. I already have and will continue to recommend your services to other business professionals


Jon Goodwin
Director of Operations

Congratulations on your 10th year, it takes a lot of blood, sweat, tears, guts, determination and of course a great product/service to run a company successfully for a decade. We have been using you now for around 2 years, and ever since have seen our businesses grow. Much of that is to do with the initial affordability and quality of your numbers e.g. 673673 is so easily remembered and it was key to our Airport/Taxi Booking Company's success. I now have 4 numbers over different business accounts with you, one being free. I can thoroughly recommend your service, we have had a 100% uptime, even when a payment was missed, and never any need to contact you for support as your iPhone app quite frankly is the simplest thing I've ever used to control an IVR system (and I've tried a few!)


Mike Lindsay

I launched Splash-Handi Ltd in 2012 with my newly patented baby product. As a SME passionate about British made products and a keen supporter of UK business, I searched for an alternative to using my own personal phone numbers, but found business phone lines had prohibitive costs for me as a start-up. I then came across SwitchboardFREE through a recommendation from a business that has grown rapidly whilst still using SwitchboardFREE from the start. I want customers to be confident that I am a professional business and the features for opening hours and call forwarding have been particularly useful for the way I operate and just the knowledge that I will not miss a call without the overheads of an answering service has been brilliant. I hope to grow my company and know that SwitchboardFREE is scalable and flexible. Thank you!



SwitchboardFREE was recommended to me by my Start Up consultant and I have found them helpful and informative since I started using their services. I would recommend them to anybody starting up, or even in established businesses.


Dave Wakelam

SwitchboardFREE allows all the company directors to answer calls no matter where they are. If we are out on an event, customers can still ring us and we don't have to be sat at our desks to answer the phone. It is a really easy to use service at affordable prices with great support should something go wrong. I highly recommend SwitchboardFREE to any business that needs good, reliable phone service no matter if you’re on the go or sat at a desk.


Adam Platt
Operations Manager

We have been extremely impressed by what this company has done for us, and continue to do over the years. They are always friendly & helpful and willing to take the time to solve any problems that might occur. In all our 4 years with them we have had no negative experiences or even any interruption of our service! We always recommend to others, a very good company to work with!


Alex Kamara
Managing Director

We have used SwitchboardFREE as a service for 3 years now and absolutely delighted with the service and options that they offer. Being a small business it is vital to not miss that call and the flexibility of redirecting to different phones gives us the freedom to keep staffing costs down whilst maintaining our client service in real time. Hope to use for many years to come.


Geoff Greenwood

We have been using SwitchboardFREE for 5+ years. Such a simple setup with lots of features included that others charge extra for. Really easy to add extensions too!


Graeme Harvey

After being told about SwitchboardFREE by word of mouth, I have found them to be a fantastically easy firm to deal with. The staff are a pleasure, and I only wish they offered more services I need


Alex Chappell

Since we started with SwitchboardFREE we have never missed a call when the weather's bad, we change our redirects and it is instant, and the service has been available to us 100% of the time. The dashboard is quick and easy to use, I would never use another company to manage our switchboard. Highly recommended service.


Wayne Eyre

Fantastic customer service and very reasonable pricing. Easy to use interface to immediately make any changes you require to any of your lines, there is even an iPhone App you can download and create your own personalised features from intro and voicemail! Well recommended.


Ryan Kenny

Here at Vapemate we wanted a simple solution for our call handling and management. Having used SwitchboardFREE in the past and knowing the quality of the products and services they offered, it was a natural choice to use them again. We have multiple numbers provided by SwitchboardFREE and make good use of the tools available on the site as well as the mobile app. They are a great company to use and we highly recommend them


Simon Manthorpe

We have been using SwitchboardFREE for around 8 years now and the service has gone from strength to strength. The service for us has been faultless and we recently added an 0800 number to allow our customers to call us for free. The online dashboard is easy to use and the auto attendant offers a professional touch, we also get lots of comments on the on hold music which we change regularly. Added to this mobile re directs and the app the service has been and will be for the foreseeable future a valuable asset to our business.


Stuart Howitt

After searching through many companies for a virtual office telephone system and speaking to a member of your team who was very helpful, I decided I would use yourselves. Once this had been set up I received a follow up call from your team to ensure I understood how the service could benefit my company and that I was happy with the product I had chosen. As I run my business from home, this is ideal for me, I don’t have to have a second telephone line installed and I can cater my telephone calls for my business working hours which is great and I have received good feedback from my clients on how professional my telephone services sound.


Carla James

When I launched my letting agency in December 2014, SwitchboardFREE was indispensable – it enabled me to always be contactable through the hours I chose, screen my calls and monitor where they were coming from and ensured that I never missed a business opportunity. Now, after just over 10 months of successful trading, Fielding Properties has achieved growth of over 25% in excess of the year’s target.

The biggest complaint most businesses face is that they are hard to contact and it’s difficult to speak to the right person – the feedback I have received shows that with Fielding Properties this is not an issue and I am sure that a proportion of our success is down to how easy SwitchboardFREE makes it to communicate


James Fielding

DOR-2-DOR is the largest and fastest growing franchise specialising in the printing a door to door distribution of leaflets, booklets and other marketing material for local businesses and organisations in the UK. We now have nearly 60 franchisees operating across the UK. We have been working with SwitchboardFREE for a number of years and have found their service effective and dynamic. Every time we launch a new franchise we set the local office up with a new 08 number from SwitchboardFREE and this is very effective in adding a professional look to the local business and so much better than simply showing a mobile number. All the features available on SwitchboardFREE including email alerts, voicemail and music on hold have proved very useful over the years of our relationship and the way that SwitchboardFREE has continually upgraded their website and systems is exciting and demonstrates that this is an organisation like DOR-2-DOR who knows where they are going


Jeff Frankling

As someone who works from home, it is vital to present a professional image to my clients. SwitchboardFREE has been a great benefit to my business as it allows me to have a separate phone number for my business without the need to have a dedicated business phone line installed. This has saved me considerable money which I am able to pass onto my customers. The answer service and administration tools that SwitchboardFREE offer ensure I never miss a call and I can always check to see who has contacted me. I highly recommend them to any small business owner.


Nick Gear
Managing Director

I came across SwitchboardFREE when I was looking for an 0845 number to use for my business. Being a previous customer of another supplier I found the SwitchboardFREE system to be far superior, user friendly and more innovative.

SwitchboardFREE has benefited me in numerous ways and given more flexibility on how I operate my business. Not only are voicemails forwarded to my email but missed calls too which I find invaluable.

Customer service seems to be declining in many companies these days, this is not something that is true with SwitchboardFREE. I’ve never really had a need to call them since I do not have any issues, however when I have called for help or advice they have been professional, friendly and feel like they really value and care about their business and their users.

I would not hesitate for anyone to use SwitchboardFREE services as I would say they are one of the best in this industry.


Mak Miah

We were looking for a simple way to use our existing telephone line and get our business telephone number up and running as soon as possible. We did this very simply by signing up with SwitchboardFREE. We initially set up an 0845 number, and used the online control panel to redirect it to our existing phone number. We then added our own greeting message, and redirects to our mobile telephones for when we were out of the office. The whole thing took less than 30 minutes to set up. When local numbers were announced, SwitchboardFREE provided us with a geographic number, so now our physical address matches our telephone number, which has made a tremendous difference.
Ease of use: *****
Cost: *****
Service: *****


Mark Holt

SwitchboardFREE have been our preferred communications supplier for the past 8 or so years, from when we first started our business we was able to give a much bigger and better perception.

With the added advantage of never missing a call and for those few calls that do get through the net, we are quick to call them back with the email alerts.

We would recommend SwitchboardFREE to any business of any size.



I rarely leave reviews but I have been extremely impressed with the quality of customer service you offered, and the same goes for your colleagues. Every time I have contacted support to resolve an issue, it has been done efficiently and warmly. Well done and keep it up!


The service has been robust and reliable, and on the rare occasion when I need to contact SwitchboardFREE their team are always enthusiastic and go the extra mile to ensure we’re taken care of. An excellent example of customer service done right.


SIGMA Technology Group

Had a query relating to my account and was put through to Chloé who responded in excellent time; no more than half an hour. Within the next 10 minutes my query was sorted, with easy to understand information and a friendly email exchange. Would recommend the site for its use but also definitely for its customer service


Nice 'n' Naughty

I have to say that the customer service from your end is outstanding, so once again, thank you massively for the above and beyond approach! I will surely be in touch soon to add on the further 3-4 numbers needed for my company.


Secruitment LTD

May 12th 2012 our charity, North West Blood Bikes Lancs and Lakes went live and we requested the help of SwitchboardFREE. What a great decision that was. We have never looked back. They are helpful, in the extreme and apart from one hic-up, which wasn’t their fault, it was a massive power outage in London, we have enjoyed a safe, consistent and reliable service.


Paul Brooks
Chairman & Trustee

I would just like to say how happy I am with the SwitchboardFREE service.

It's been a fantastic tool for my business for having a professional front end to my inbound calls and I've had lots of compliments from clients and prospective clients about the virtual switchboard I use from SwitchboardFREE including lots of compliments about the music on hold I use.

I would say that by having SwitchboardFREE it has helped me land further new clients looking for high quality new business meetings in the UK and I would recommend the service to anyone, in fact I do recommend it to clients and anyone looking for a virtual switchboard.


Rod Jones

We love SwitchboardFREE. It allows us to give a London presence to our customers and prospective clients and allows them to call us cheaply as we have an 020 number.

It allows customers to choose which department to speak to and the call whisper lets us know why our customers are calling.

In simple terms we'd be lost without SwitchboardFREE and we were glad to find them! Can't fault the service at all!


Ashley Williams

Shuffle Residential have been progressively implementing the use of SwitchboardFREE's telephony packages, their prices are affordable and comprehensive, fulfilling the needs of my start-up company. I will continue to grow with the use of their products enabling my company to provide a well-managed environment for all of our inbound calls. Their customer service is priceless!


David Gambier
Company Director

eQ Technologic (UK) Limited were looking for a flexible call management service to cater for a very dynamic mode of operation in the UK. The staff of eQ operate all over the country and the world from their base in Birmingham. To match this dynamic pace of business, a way to efficiently handle calls to route to appropriate people, whether in the office or elsewhere, was sought. eQ turned to SwitchboardFREE for the answer, taking out a comprehensive call handling solution, with the ability to configure incoming calls to route to the appropriate staff members' landlines or mobiles through the easy to use web interface. The set up was in minutes from taking out the subscription to having an operational service, including personalisation of the outgoing call messages and diversion of existing lines, delivering an immediate professional image to callers. eQ are also exploiting the additional benefits of free 0345 numbers to provide dedicated helplines to their Customers, thus enriching the Customer experience still further.


Alan Walker

Since setting up South Tyneside Against Bullying 2 years ago at the young age of 15 years old, I launched my own anti bullying support network for young people. Now 2 years on we have launched a National Telephone Helpline for people to call, SwitchboardFREE helps connect victims of bullying and abuse to our fully qualified counsellors and advisors. The system you have is amazing it alerts us to any missed calls we don't pick up, tells us how many calls are queuing and it's very good for our service users, it's quick and simple with department selections, automated speaking and up to date hold music. It's also very good that we can use SwitchboardFREE to direct calls to our counsellors work phone.


Callum Carr

A SwitchboardFREE number is perfect for our business. We are a largely online company but the flexibility a SwitchboardFREE number offers us is invaluable. The service is efficient, speedy and friendly. I would recommend the SwitchboardFREE service to anybody!


Tony Townend

We are a startup business, founded straight after university. SwitchboardFREE gave us a professional edge that competitors envy, and it's really helped us stay mobile doing what we do! Many thanks for your service, it has been brilliant and it will continue to be an integral part of our business!


Brent McDonald

Using your service allows me to provide my customers with telephone support, allowing them to reach any of my technicians located around the world by simply picking up the phone. Usually this would cost thousands to implement, installing dedicated business lines, purchasing an 0843 number and then a separate call managing and switchboard system, SwitchboardFREE lets me do all this for free, meaning I can put more money into my business and improve the service for my customers. I can also spend more time with my partner, by having calls diverted to my mobile, meaning I get to spend more quality time with my family.


Ashley Graham
Chief Executive

SocialBox.biz has been using SwitchboardFREE for a short period of time as we are a start-up business. It has exceeded our expectations not only in terms of functionality but also in respect of the fantastic service provided by the staff. We would recommend SwitchboardFREE to any business or social enterprise new or in existence for years.


Simon Paul
Associate Director

We have been using SwitchboardFREE for over 3 years and I’m constantly impressed by the functionality available through their website and the app. We’ve moved offices twice since becoming a customer, and having 08 and 03 numbers allows us to easily move without having to update promotional materials, business cards, or our website contact details. I’m sure this has saved us a small fortune in printing costs. Their staff are friendly, professional and supportive whenever we’ve needed to speak to them. In summary; 10/10 for customer service and product functionality/reliability.


Steve Ingley
Managing Director

SwitchboardFREE has helped move my company into a competitive market with a professional phone system and saved me £££ on caller administration fees. I love my personal number that comes with me wherever I go and the team have always been there to help me!
All round 5* service. Highly recommend


Bill Tuck

We have been extremely impressed by what this company has done for us, and continue to do over the years. They are always friendly & helpful and willing to take the time to solve any problems that might occur. In all our 4 years with them we have had no negative experiences or even any interruption of our service! We always recommend to others, a very good company to work with!


Managing Director
Mark Digital Media

I’d struggle to find another company that has had as much of a positive impact on The National Photographic Society as SwitchboardFREE. We’ve used them for several years now and the diversion to mobile is a real boon to us when the office is unmanned. I’d recommend them without hesitation to anyone needing professional call management for their business, no matter what size.


The National Photographic Society

My work allows me to travel around a lot and not be tied down to 1 location, so using a landline number for business calls just wouldn’t cut it, and a mobile number looks simply unprofessional. SwitchboardFREE allows me to freely change the phone number calls are diverted to as I travel so customers only need 1 number to reach me at any time, and it has the advantage of looking totally professional. What’s even better is when I answer a call SwitchboardFREE alerts me that this is a business call before connecting me to the customer, which is great because a lot of the time I’m using my mobile which I also get personal calls on. It gives me a chance to put on my professional business voice and not sound like a complete amateur on the phone to a prospective new client. I’ve used SwitchboardFREE for many years now, and I couldn’t recommend them enough for the amazing service they provide which has been constantly improving over time.


That Website Guy

Here at Learn2soar Music we’ve been using SwitchboardFREE for 8 years now, to stream all our incoming calls. They have always been 100% reliable, truly free to use, and the truth is that we couldn’t have managed over the last 8 years without their fabulous service, especially during our annual Christmas sales period, when we receive more calls than we could possibly cope with on our own. But with SwitchboardFREE to help, call management is a breeze. We’ve always been happy to recommend them to other businesses and are very glad to do so again now.



SwitchboardFREE is revolutionising the telephone industry by offering their services at a fraction of cost in comparison to conventional business telephone lines without compromising the service, in fact offering a far better service. The staff at SwitchboardFREE are friendly, knowledge and helpful. It's been great experience using their services. The mobile app is excellent, email alerts are prompt, website is very user friendly, prices are great, customer service is very helpful and prompt. I personally received excellent customer services from Chloe going beyond expectations to help me set up my telephone lines and sorting various numbers out for me. I would recommend SwitchboardFREE to anyone looking to set-up their business or even for personal use. There is no need to subscribe to conventional telephone lines by paying high line rentals. Just subscribe to SwitchboardFREE and you can't go wrong with it. There is nothing I could fault with this company


Transfers Luton Airport

Chloe, was the first person I spoke to at SwitchboardFREE right from the start she represented her company in a very professional manor, never getting tired of my endless questions and always getting back to me straight away. When it was time to move forward she managed to secure 5 golden numbers for our business she then set up my account up so it worked exactly as we needed even across the 5 numbers. Now she still keeps in touch and helps in anyway she can. I can't recommend her and SwitchboardFREE enough, if you are considering using them, no need to look around for other options if you are speaking to them, then you already have the best option in the market.


Move Happy

SwitchboardFREEwas unbelievably helpful to me when I wanted a good call management to handle my clients. Zoe King was super helpful and was able to help me order for the most suitable number that will serve my needs. She consistently and effortlessly guided me all through to order my service with SwitchboardFREE. Zoe went above and beyond what most would do in her place. I am very happy with the services I have so far received from her as well as from SwicthboardFREE. I will not hesitate to recommend my friends to subscribe for call management services with SwitchboardFREE. Anytime in the future I may need something and SwicthboardFREE has it I will be subscribing from them.


Capfin Pro

Thank you so much Chloé. This has been a really quick process and if at all any delays these were on my end. Outstanding support from you all throughout and your patience was great.