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How does Con-Flab work?

  • Enter your name and email address
  • Select a date and time for the conference
  • Invite your participants
  • Call the conference number and enter your PIN

Great apps and add-ons for easy conference creation

Benefit from a range of tools to streamline your conference creation. The Con-Flab mobile app works on both iOS and Android devices and enables you to create and take part in conferences even when you are away from office. It can also be synchronised with your contacts, making it easier to send invitations to the people you want to add to your conference.

You can also install our Con-Flab add-in for Microsoft Outlook that will allow you to create a conference in a couple of clicks. Get your PIN and have your conference added to your calendar while invitations are automatically sent to your participants.

Do you have an Amazon Alexa? Creating a Con-Flab conference is one of her latest skills. Just ask and Alexa’s response will be that your conference has been created and you should call 0843 289 0000 and enter your PIN which is, say, 727150.

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Get full control of your conferences

You can access free recordings of your conference calls for up to 90 days after the end of the call. Downloading the recordings enables you to review any important information you may need, and ensures accurate minute taking.

Con-Flab allows listen-only participation, too. You may want to send some of your participants a different PIN that allows them only to listen to your conference but not contribute to it. This is useful for webinars, lectures and similar educational practices.

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