Features of SwitchboardFREE

Our system has many useful features that will benefit your business. With over 54,000 businesses and homeworkers already registered with us you can be confident that we will deliver a robust and professional service to you. Whether you want to create a more professional image, have a national presence, manage your incoming calls more effectively, track your inbound response from your adverts and marketing campaigns or install disaster recovery for your phone lines, we have the answer!

Automatic Missed Call SMS

Callback SMS

If you miss a call, our system can automatically send your caller a customised message from you.

This can be used to send a short apology, with links to your website and/or email address, or a quick message explaining that you will call them back.

We've launched our live call answering service; Pocket Receptionist, a professional telephone answering service with real receptionists answering calls made to your SwitchboardFREE number(s) in real time.

explaining how Pocket Receptionist works or find out more here or on Pocket Receptionist website.

open close icon

Sorry we're closed

Set open and close times to fit your business hours. Callers phoning outside normal hours will be informed your offices are closed. Optional out-of-hours voicemails are instantly emailed to you.

Missed call alerts will be sent to your email, including the caller's number (where available) for you to return calls at your convenience, ensuring you never miss an opportunity again.

mobile redirects icon

Redirect calls to your mobile

Divert your calls to one or more mobile phone numbers, and simply give your customers a single number to call. Use your mobile as a second inbound line at busy times!

Choose from a range of flexible mobile packages, go for a per minute billing option, or for a single low monthly figure enjoy unlimited mobile redirects on your 084 lines.

apps icon

iOS & Android apps

Get missed call alerts, listen to voicemails, redirect your numbers, amend your SwitchboardFREE number settings, record customer prompts and much more all while you're on the move.

Information about our apps as well as download instructions for both Android and iOS. Great for mobile businesses. Call management in your pocket.

re-route calls

Instantly re-route your calls

Whether you are working from home or constantly on the move, re-route your SwitchboardFREE number to up to 5 different UK landline and mobile numbers instantly, including your home or personal mobile number. You'll never have to divulge your personal numbers again.

Change these instantly and as often as you like via the website or our mobile apps.

queue calls icon

Queue inbound calls

Limited lines into your office? We will queue your incoming calls and put them through to you as soon as a line becomes free. You can also set your account so that your caller can hear what position they are in the queue.

This is especially useful at busy times of the day or if you have a particularly busy inbound campaign. Customers never hear the engaged tone and you never miss a call again. Resulting in no more lost calls.

084 numbers icon

5 free 084 numbers

Benefit from five free numbers which you can choose from a range of over two hundred 0844 or 0843 numbers.

You will never have to change your telephone number again, no matter what part of the UK your business might move to.

Get a BIG company feel with BIG company features for free.

call whisper

Call whisper

If you answer a business call when you have Call Whisper activated you will hear a short message identifying the call; e.g. "You have a sales call".

This enables you to answer the phone professionally and identify who your customers are trying to reach before you answer. Great for campaigns, business centres and distinguishing between business and personal calls, this function is invaluable to all businesses.

custom prompts icon

Custom prompts

Get a big business phone presence instantly. Greet your customers with a recorded introduction, departmental prompt or an out-of-hours message that reflects your business opening hours and contact information.

Choose from dozens of pre-recorded prompts and greetings, provided completely free-of-charge, or even record your own via the app or over the phone.

*Costs apply.

music on hold icon

On-hold music

Don't leave your callers listening to a ringing tone or worse still silence; choose from a wide selection of on-hold music including our popular charts music which is updated every 2 weeks.

See and listen to our on hold music. Find something that will suit your business. Give your company a great phone image instantly.

missed call alerts icon

Missed call alerts

Can't answer the call? Didn't get to the phone before the caller hung up? Already on the line? Don't panic. When a customer calls your number we record the CLI (caller's phone number) where available and instantly email it to you at the addresses you have supplied us.

By instantly receiving this information it enables you to call back whenever you are free, providing great customer service, and ensures you never miss a call again.

voicemail icon

Voicemail service

Do you want to give the caller the option to leave a voicemail? Configure your control panel to enable callers to leave a voicemail either at the start of the call or after a pre-defined number of seconds of being on hold.

Voicemails are immediately emailed to your designated email address and are also available via your account control panel. Whilst on the move listen to your voicemails from your mobile app.

fax to email icon

Fax to email

Faxes are received directly in your email inbox, resulting in no waste paper, no replacing expensive toners and most importantly no need to buy expensive fax machines. Faxes are emailed to you in seconds.

Fax to email also gives you the freedom and flexibility to read, share and print faxes at your convenience, even from your Android and iOS devices.

contact book icon

Contact book

Utilise the contact book to put names to numbers that call you regularly. Use the mobile app to integrate with your phone contacts. Missed call alerts, voicemails and reports will show up with the customer name.

Favourite callers can be given priority even if there is a queue. Unfavourable customers can have their numbers barred; when they call they hear your out-of-hours message and are prompted to leave a message so you don't ever have to take their call.

call filtering icon

Call filtering

Call Filtering gives you greater control over who can call your numbers to save you valuable time.

Block international or withheld numbers individually or both together directly from your account.

By filtering your calls you can reduce the amount of time you and your staff spend answering the phone to unwanted callers increasing efficiency and productivity.

departments icon

Department selection

Press 1 for sales, press 2 for support... Set up between 1 and 9 virtual departments to ensure callers are routed to the most appropriate person or department. If we don't have your relevant department listed you can simply record your own.

Ideal for growing companies, those with numerous departments, or if your workforce is split over different locations.

Web Hooks icon

Web Hooks

Web hooks allow you to seamlessly integrate your Reporting and CRM systems with your SwitchboardFREE number. Web hooks are quick and easy to setup and included as standard with your SwitchboardFREE account.

Find out more about Web Hooks.

clever missed call list

Clever missed call lists

View a list of all missed calls based on whichever date range you select. This enables you to respond to any calls that you were unable to take which ensures you never miss a sales opportunity.

Combine this with the unique callers list and ensure that you only call each person back once.

unique caller list icon

Unique caller lists

Create an instant database of all unique callers. Even if a caller has called you multiple times, this report will only show each caller once.

This is a useful tool should you wish to gauge the response to your campaigns and see how many individuals have contacted you. It is also useful in creating callback lists without having lots of repeated numbers.


Identify busy periods

Use SwitchboardFREE call reporting to identify when you're taking or missing the most calls.

This information allows you to identify if you need to shift human resources to ensure that your customers' calls are dealt with in an efficient and timely manner.

You can also identify if you're wasting money by manning phones at times of the day when your phones aren't ringing.

campaign reporting

Campaign reporting

Utilise the online software to generate informative reports highlighting responses to your numbers.

By using a different number on each campaign or marketing activity, SwitchboardFREE will highlight which of your campaigns/activities is working most efficiently and providing the best return on investment.

Google Analytics integration

Utilise Google's free Analytics package to analyse your call statistics and gather geographic data on your callers.

This will empower you to make informed decisions that will help you with design, promotion and media.

For the first time you will be able to analyse your call and web traffic in one place effectively and best of all, it is completely free.

instant settings icon

Instant configuration changes

Change your settings whenever you need to and all changes will update instantly.

Going into an important meeting and can't answer calls? Switch on voicemail or close your lines.

Need to re-direct calls to your home number? Change your number and then save changes - easy.

You can make changes as often as you need to.


Update announcements to reflect campaigns

Record your own call introductions and advise your callers of any important announcements.

You may be experiencing high call volumes and want to give your customers the option to leave a voicemail rather than stay on hold.

Simply record a custom call introduction to let your callers know this and activate your voicemail facility.

disaster recovery icon

The ideal service for disaster recovery

Experiencing issues with your office phones? Has your office suffered a power cut?

Instantly change the destination number of your inbound calls to a different location or to your mobile to ensure that you never miss any important calls.

You also have the ability to quick close your lines in emergencies and have a custom out-of-hours message played to your callers.


Geographic numbers

Sometimes 084 numbers aren't the right choice for your business.

If this is the case for your business then SwitchboardFREE still has you covered.

SwitchboardFREE has a wide range of local numbers that will give you all the functionality of SwitchboardFREE without ever having to lose that local feel to your business.


0800 numbers

Want to offer your customers a free way of contacting your company?

0800 numbers are free-to-call and ideal for things like customer support lines.

SwitchboardFREE has a range of 0800 numbers that offer you all of the functionality of a normal SwitchboardFREE number without the cost to your customers.


London numbers

London numbers offer your company the ability to appear as though you're located in London. There is a sense of prestige and trust found in being situated in the nation's capital and your business can benefit from this too.

We have two ranges of London numbers, 0203 and 0207. The latter is a more sought after number and is good for businesses who put importance on prestige.


03 numbers

084 numbers can be expensive to call from mobiles, some people have negative opinions of them and sometimes they simply aren't the right choice for you.

In any of these cases 03 numbers are perfect. They offer the same national presence that an 084 number offers without the drawbacks. They are included in the contract minutes on a mobile phone.