Fax to Email Service

Save time and money with fast and reliable fax to email

Receive faxes as easily and quickly as you receive emails with SwitchboardFREE Fax to Email.

Faxes will be sent directly to your personal inbox as PDF attachments that you can read and print at your convenience - no more wasted paper, no fax machine or expensive toners required.

Choose to receive unlimited faxes on your SwitchboardFREE fax number for only £4.97 per month, or save even more with annual Fax to Email, at just £29.99.

How to get SwitchboardFREE Fax to Email

Sign up for a SwitchboardFREE account today and simply upgrade to Fax to Email to get started.

Take a look at the full suite of features to find out more about all of the professional tools included with your SwitchboardFREE.

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