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(Google Analytics Integration)

Google Analytics is a product from Google which has become the de-facto in website statistical analysis. By collecting a wide range of information about your website visitors, the product allows you to run powerful reports giving you the information you need to optimise your site to receive better quality traffic and higher conversion rates. Analytics is also proving just as powerful a tool for tracking and analysing your call traffic.

By collecting data on your callers you can effectively make decisions on the distribution of your numbers be it throughout your websites or on various advertising media. Ask your web developer or SEO professional about how integration between your Google Analytics account and your online call manager can help you.

Absolutely nothing! Google Analytics is a free service as is our online call manager and the integration between the two. Why not sign up for free and try it out today, there is no obligation and you can stop using it at any time.

In order to use this feature you will need a website, this is required for setting up your free Google Analytics account.

Yes, you will need a free Google Analytics account for us to send your call data to. If you don't have one already then sign up for a Google Analytics account. This only takes a couple of minutes.

Although your call data is sent to Google in real-time, it can take up to 48 hours for the data to be processed and made available within your Google Analytics account. If it has been longer than 48 hours then please check that the UA code (the profile given to you by Google) you have set for your queue number is correct. If you are still not receiving data into your Google Analytics account then please contact support on 0203 189 1213.

Every effort is made to prevent your call tracking statistics interfering with your website statistics, however for extra peace of mind we would recommend setting up a separate profile under your Google analytics account for your call tracking. This will provide you with a separate UA code (UA-xxxxx-xx) to use just for your call tracking data.

There is a specific feature within your Google Analytics account called ‘Event Tracking’ which can be found by clicking on the ‘Content’ section on the left hand side of the screen, after you have logged into your Google Analytics account.

Your call statistics can take up to 48 hours to appear in your Google Analytics account.

The main reason for not seeing stats in your Google Analytics account is that the wrong analytics code has been placed next to the 084x queue number. Double check that correct code is being used and if you make any change please wait up to 48 hours for Google to process the data. If you are still experiencing this problem then please contact support on 0203 189 1213.

If you can't find the answer to your question then please call our UK support team on 0203 189 1213

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