What is Call Tracking?

If you are involved in SEO, have an e-commerce site or your business relies on web traffic, then ‘Web Tracking’ and now ‘Call Tracking’ is a must have.

Whilst an online presence is essential we must not forget all important offline and print advertising too where Call Tracking is invaluable.

Call Tracking, which records information about incoming telephone calls, but not the conversation, allows you to track both on and offline marketing. It enables a business to track phone calls to certain numbers and supply important information as to what is literally making your phone ring.

Call tracking with SwitchboardFREE enables you to use a different number on each form of marketing, both online and offline. Track calls received from individual numbers on your websites or web pages, monitor call traffic received from your newspaper advertising or leaflet drops, and use Google Analytics with SwitchboardFREE to view online call stats in real time or Campaign Reporting to monitor and analyse call traffic alongside web traffic. Detailed reports can be generated that show you exactly which areas of your marketing activity are generating phone calls, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on the marketing that is bringing in the business. Divert your marketing budget to the most effective marketing activities and increase your return on investment (ROI).

SwitchboardFREE is a...

Track Referrer

Referrer Tracking

Which referrers are working for you?

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Track Loyalty

Track Loyalty

How loyal are your customers?

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Pay Per Click

Track PPC

Which PPC adverts are working?

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google Analytics

Google Analytics

Integrate with Google Analytics.

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Track Offline Marketing

Offline Tracking

Track your offline marketing.

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Start tracking your calls now with five free 084 numbers and see how it can work for you. Sign up here.

There is no limit on the amount of numbers you can track using the system. If you require additional numbers to use on your account or would prefer to use local or non-geographical numbers then visit Compare Number Types or contact us today on 0203 189 1213 for a bespoke package.

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Want to integrate with your existing reporting system? check out our Web Hooks feature. Realtime integration between your existing infrastructure and your SwitchboardFREE numbers.