Track Offline Marketing

Utilise SwitchboardFREE services to track calls made by customers from all of your offline marketing and access free campaign reporting tools to monitor the response to each campaign you run.

Allocate separate phone numbers to each piece of marketing; including leaflets, posters, banners, print media adverts, TV and radio ads as well as many more. There are no limits on the number of telephone numbers you can track. As with all your SwitchboardFREE numbers, calls will divert through to your identified redirect numbers - be it landlines or mobiles to enable you to take the calls.

Set the Call Whisper (call notification) to inform you where the call has come from. When you answer the call you will hear a short message that enables you to answer your calls appropriately; e.g. “This is a call from your newspaper advert.”

Use this tool in conjunction with Campaign Reporting to run an in-depth analysis of the effectiveness of your activities to determine which is giving you the best return on investment and avoid wasting money on ads that are not bringing you business. Using Campaign Reporting you can monitor calls received from each different type of marketing activity on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. What’s more, you can run detailed reports itemising all calls received, answered calls, missed calls, unique callers, voicemails, call-back lists and even activity by time of day.

Take a look at our number types and packages to find the perfect number for your needs.

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