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From managing your mobile redirects to recording custom voice prompts, manage business on-the-go with the free SwitchboardFREE app available on iOS.

Free to download from the App Store, explore a few features below.

Use the iPhone app for full control of your SwitchboardFREE numbers and settings on the move

  • Quick calls history with easy filter for your Faxes, Missed Calls, and Voicemails
  • Full configuration of standard & auto attendant number settings
  • Make custom recordings for all of your introductions & prompts
  • Listen to voicemails directly from the app
  • Easily contact UK support team
SwitchboardFREE iPhone app
SwitchboardFREE iPhone app
SwitchboardFREE iPhone app

Get all of these features and more by downloading the free app today.

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Your iPhone app, quite frankly, is the simplest thing I've ever used to control an IVR system (and I've tried a few!)

Mike Lindsay from: Robert Burns and Sons

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